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THS Education handles educational affairs at all levels, and makes sure that the student perspective is taken into account when decisions are made at KTH. THS Education focuses on issues such as sustainability, equality, educational development, student satisfaction and quality assurance. If you have any questions please contact:

The position

Goals as the Campus Project Coordinator

  • Establish and sustain at least four projects focusing on sustainability located on campus, each with a well-defined goal and strategy to accomplish the goals of the project by the end of mandate.

  • For each project have a clear structure on how to report results to Kårledningen and the THS Sustainability group.

  • Make the projects known on campi. 20% positive response rate on the question does there exist a student group working on issues and project concerning sustainability questions.

Visions for the future

“Students that are interested in sustainable development shall have the opportunity and be encouraged to capitalize on that interest.”

  • Sustainability should be incorporated into studies of all programs. Projects within courses allows for engagement in sustainability development on campus.

  • Establish a network (centralized or non centralized) between employees and students of KTH for enabling easy contact for kickstarting projects and giving course feedback on the topic of sustainability.

Desired experiences (not mandatory):

Experience in kickstarting new projects or groups

Experience in coordinating and motivating multiple individual groups

Experience with the recruitment process

Experience in marketing


For a long time there has been interest in sustainability work among students. The main problems facing such ambitions has been the difficulty of reaching the right people both on the front of patrons and members for a project.

The current environment however provides the basic needs for local projects to be sustained. Grants for student projects has been advertised by KTH Sustainability Office and a centralized reference group for sustainable development in courses and on campus has been established with members from both KTH and THS. To properly establish student presence in central questions surrounding funds and education we seek a student coordinator for projects regarding sustainability on campus and who can represent the students of KTH in the new sustainability reference group*.

There are current projects spearheaded by students on campus which need to be coordinated and their progress documented. Contact between departments of KTH and student projects will be established with the help of the coordinator. Monitoring progress of individual projects and producing reports that can be sent to Kårledningen at THS and be reported to the reference group will also be required in short format.

These conditions will require the project coordinator to be present at meetings of the Sustainability reference group four times a year. The meeting must be attended by the project coordinator or an appointed vice project coordinator. The reports does not necessarily need to be produced by the coordinator but he or she is responsible for their production.

Using existing communication structures or new initiatives create outreach meeting 20% recognition rate among students at KTH about the opportunity for students engaging in various projects or issues concerning sustainability. This falls to the project group coordinator to achieve in whatever way seems most reasonable.

There are already projects run by students on Campus which can be incorporated into this new group which you will, if recruited, receive sufficient information about.

As the Project Coordinator you may and are encouraged to form an organisational structure around or in the groups as you see fit with the exception of stated requirements above. The resources of various THS communication channels and recruitment platforms will be available to you.

We are looking for the person who has the drive to find and connect with students and employees of KTH who wishes to learn and contribute to sustainability issues. Students with practical knowledge of sustainability work will have an advantage in the labor market and will help create our sustainable future, which is why it’s important for THS to give them this possibility during their studies. Your task as the Campus Project Coordinator will be to make the above this possible.

* As of last year an academic reference group consisting of representatives from both KTH and THS was constituted. The reference group deals with various topics on sustainability related to KTH.