What is Bryggmästeriet?
Bryggmästeriet is a beer brewing club on KTH Campus. We arrange brewing classes for beginners and free use of equipment and our locale for members.

Brewing classes
We arrange beer brewing classes at the cost of 300SEK. It's a one day class with a follow up around a week later for bottling. No previous experience is required. To take a course, join the facebook group "Bryggkurs med Bryggmästeriet" ( where we will post brewing events. The course fee is completely reinvested in the club and the teachers receive no payouts.

After taking the class you can become a member of Bryggmästeriet at an additional cost of 300SEK. (Note: Are you already an experienced all-grain brewer? Contact us and we'll set up a membership directly!)

As a member you can join club brewing sessions and use our equipment/locale with no additional fees. The membership is for life IF you participate more than once per year. We encourage members to participate in activities and to create their own brewing events. All fees are directly invested in equipment for members to use. The costs of brewing events are evenly distributed among the participants of that particular event.

So what we offer is a place for you to grow as a home brewer where we share the cost of equipment!

We have our own custom built recirculating brewing rig consisting of
  • 78 L mashing tun
  • 50 L sparging pot
  • 20L water heater
  • 3 x 3kW electric heaters
  • Pump
  • 98L boiling pot
  • Custom built metal rig

We also have
  • Copper coil immersion coolers
  • Two-roll mill
  • Fridge and freezer
  • 8x 30L fermentation vessels.
  • + an array of brewing instruments
No vacant positions at this time.